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Late Submissions Allowed in Assignments

Now students are allowed to submit their assignments even post the assignment submission date. The teachers will however be clearly able to see which students have submitted past the submission deadline.

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View all submissions by a student

Now on hovering over a students name, teachers will see a context menu -- where in there is an option to see all the assignments submitted by a student so far.

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What is EduPosse?

EduPosse is a mobile led, education centric, secure, Social learning platform for connecting parents, teachers and students and increasing and improving communication amongst them. It provides a teacher the power to communicate with her students and their parents in a simple, secure and effective manner. It provides a parent ways and means to become a part of his child's digital life. And to the student it provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment to explore new ways of learning, interacting with his peers and at the same time, share and learn from his parents and teachers.

While the children have been adopting digital lives very early and at an ever-increasing rate, the parent does not have any participation at all. The platform allows a parent and the teacher to form a team to maximize the child's learning potential taking advantage of digital content and other mechanisms available. Teachers, students and parents can store and share all forms of digital content be it blogs, links, pictures, video, documents, presentations, and much more. There are also special tools and apps that integrate and blend into the workflow of schools and teachers, allowing them to have an enhanced communication with their students and parents at the same time.

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Signing Up

There are three ways to Sign up on EduPosse

  1. By using your facebook credentials
  2. By using your google+/gmail/google credentials
  3. By filling in the SignUp form on the EduPosse home page. After you submit the SignUp form, you will receive a verification mail on the email-id provided by you in the SignUp form. Please follow the instructions in the mail to verify your account on the EduPosse site and you are ready to go!

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Getting Started

A user of EduPosse can be a teacher, student or parent and these roles are contextual. EduPosse allows a user to acquire these different roles at the same time. The Role of a user is defined by his context. By creating or joining different ?CLASSS? a user achieves the desired contextualization. A CLASS is a community formed by a teacher ? who then asks his/her students and parents to join the class. A teacher may also invite other teachers or parents to come and join the CLASS. At EduPosse a user can very easily CREATE or JOIN a class.

/Know Your Dashboard

  1. Post panel: helps you post messages, pictures, files, videos etc
  2. Study material basket: provides compressed view of all the posts posted under the category of study materials with an option to see the discussion on the material between class members."
  3. Assignment basket: provides compressed view of the posts done under the category of assignments.
  4. Class switch: you can use EduPosse as a teacher/student/parent, ?class switch? lets you change the mode. It shows the classes you have joined as a teacher/student/parent.
  5. Classes add/join: lets you generate a new class or become member of one already existing.
  6. Members List: Shows the members of the class

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Creating a Class


  1. Login into EduPosse
  2. On your homepage on the left panel you would see a link: "New Classes" ----- "Create"
  3. Click on create and the display in the middle area will change
  4. Fill in the form providing a class name and a short description of the class.
  5. Choose your role as Teacher or Parent -- Teacher is the default role
  6. Press the create button and a new class will be created for you.
  7. The new class will then appear in the left panel under Teacher or Parent depending on the role chosen by you

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A CLASS CODE is a six digit (alpha-numeric) key required to join a class as a Student or a Parent. The Class Code is visible on the top area of a class home page. There are two types of class codes -- (a) Student Class Code and (b) Parent Class Code. Each class has a unique Class code and Student Class code is visible only in teacher's view and can be provided by a teacher on the class. Parent Class Code is visible in a student's view and is unique for the parents of a student. Both parents (mother and father) can use the same class code to join

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Joining a Class

You can join a class as a student or as a parent

Joining a Class as a STUDENT

  1. Ask your teacher to provide you the class code for the class.
  2. Login into EduPosse
  3. Click the Join link on the left panel, and enter the class code in the pop-up window.
  4. Press the "Join Class" button and a request will be sent to the class owner
  5. Once the class owner accepts your join request you would start to receive all feeds of the class

Joining a Class as a PARENT

  1. You need a Parent Class Code
  2. Parent Class Code is visible in the top area of your child's view of the Class Page
  3. Login into EduPosse
  4. Click the Join link on the left panel, and enter the parent class code in the pop-up window.
  5. Press the "Join Class" button and a request will be sent to the class owner
  6. Once the class owner accepts your join request you would start to receive all feeds of the class

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Q1 How can I join a class as a Teacher?

Joining an existing class as a Teacher is ONLY by INVITATION . Ask the exisiting teacher on the class to send an invitation to you to join the class.

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Q2 I have joined the class as a Teacher but I can not submit an assignment

To submit an assignment in a class, you have to be in a Student's role. Only in student's view will you see the Submit button and will be able to submit an assignment.

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  1. Click on"Study Material" on the task bar.
  2. Give a title to the material you are putting say "Lecture Notes on Integers".
  3. Give a small description (within 140 characters) to the material.
  4. Attach the file which you want to share.
  5. Click on the button that says "post".

Study material you post can be downloaded by the students by clicking on the Download button (a white downward arrow in green circle) at the top right corner of the post.

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Study material basket action

Study material basket is a box on the top right corner of your screen it shows the study materials you posted in a consolidated format. You can participate with the student in a discussion over study material by responding to the doubts raised by him/her. To do this click on "see discussion" a thread will appear now click on the "reply" button to solve the doubt raised by student.

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Assignment basket actions

Assignment basket is a box on the right side of your screen; just below the study material basket, it lets you see the assignments you had asked your students to submit and see how they have responded to your command.

To see the details about submissions, click on "view submissions".

This page shows you the details of the submission procedure; you can download the submissions made by your students by clicking on "download all submissions" or by individually clicking on the entry.

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Using lesson plan

Lesson planner is a premium service which we provide to our users. It lets you plan your classes/lectures. It lets you share the plan with other teachers and students in advance.

Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and on the left side there is a button called "lesson plan", click on it.

To start a lesson plan, click on "+ add lesson plan"

On the dialogue box that appears, fill in the details like name of the course and its description. Then click on "add". Say PHYSICS class IX

To make a lesson plan, click on the name of the course that will appear on the screen.

Every course is divided into several modules. To add a module, click on "add a module" and give a title to it. Say OPTICS.

Now each module has many parts to it, to add such a part click on "add a topic". Say RECTILENIAR PROPOGATION OF LIGHT.

To this part you can add several sections, EduPosse by default puts some sections for your assistance like references, lab activity etc which you can edit or remove as per your requirements.

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Managing classes

On the left corner on the index of your screen you see the names of the classes you are a part of besides the name there is a red pen. Move your mouse over RED PEN, without clicking on it. Many options come they allows you to manage your classes by providing user with actions like edit class, create sub-class, delete class and archive class. Click on them.

Edit class lets you edit the class details.

Create sub-class lets you create a class within a class. Say in a class of X class a sub-class of X-A.

Delete class lets you remove the class from your profile.

Archive class lets you stop any activity in that class but it does not remove the class from your profile.

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Study Material Basket General Stuff

On the top right corner of your homepage there is a box with study material written, this is your study material basket

Multiple actions can be done here viz

  1. Click on the question mark to raise a doubt on the material posted by the teacher.
  2. Click on the arrow keys to see the previous study materials posted by your teacher
  3. Click on the green button to download the files.
  4. To see the doubts raised by other students and the replies that teacher has given, click on the button that says"see discussions".

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Posting an Assignment

The assignment section appears on the right panel in the class in which your teacher has posted the assignment. To submit an assignment, login into your EduPosse account and follow the below steps to see & post in the assignment section

  1. On the left panel (below your profile pic) -- there is a section My Classes
  2. In this section click on the class in which your teacher has posted an assignment.
  3. The center page will change from "Latest Posts" to the classes Home page with the class name on the top.
  4. On this page on the right panel "Assignment" section is visible
  5. Click on the submit button to submit your assignment

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